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What our Local officers Do

Contact information for all these officers is located on the contacts page.

If you are involved in an incident, have received discipline, or have received a letter of investigation contact the Local Chairman that handles investigations Ed Anglemyer or Kyle Glodowski immediately.

​​​Local 582- Committee of Adjustments 987

​Local Chairman- Ed Anglemyer, Heads your Local Committee of Adjustment, handles investigations, and communicates        with company officials on any issues/concerns, and reports to the General Committee

1st Vice Local Chairman- Kyle Glodowski, Handles investigations

Vice Local Chairman- Brian Buza, handles CBA compliance, Assignment Oversight, PLD's, and Vacations

Vice Local Chairman- Open Seat,  Handles Claims

Vice Local Chairman- Joel Stanczyk, Handles Time Claims, and Grievances

Vice Local Chairman- Bill Whitt, Handles Time Claims and Grievances

LCA Secretary-  Bill Whitt - Records minutes of LCA Committee meetings

​Local 582

Local President-Larry Dingus, Head of Local 582. Presides over all meetings and enforces the provisions of the          constitution, and the bylaws of the Local.

Local Vice President - Mark Halverson, Acts in place of the President in his/her absence

Local Secretary - Slade Heersma, Is in charge of minutes and distributes monthly newsletter

Local Treasurer - Matt Winkelman, Is in charge of our Local finances and collection of dues

Local Collector - Ryan Day,  is an extension to the Secretary Treasurer responsibilities involve tracking new and        incoming members to the Local for the collection of dues and introduction to the Local.

Local 582 Legislative Branch

Local Legislative Representative - Jeff ThompsonTakes care of unsafe or unsanitary working condition and is                    responsible for reporting them to the appropriate parties. Reports to State Director, under the direction of the Local

​​​Alternate Local Legislative Representative - Glenn MclaughlinAssists the Legislative Rep with his duties